ESL 2017 - 2nd European Service Learning Days 



We were overwhelmed over the outcome of the very 1st European Service Learningdays (ESL) in April 2015. It was an amazing experience and it most definitely met our expectation on FD-work, in an broader way. But how it actually turned out totally blew our minds!

There were 162 registered participants from 30 countries and 27 regions/communities. We held 12 different workshops, had 3 Speaker Meetings and was skyped in to the Northern Californian Convention.

The turnout on the workshops was great, all members participated and stayed all through the days.
The buzz during workshops was great and the atmosphere so inspiring.

At the summer EDM in Birmingham Delegates decided that this event needs to be continued, as we reached so many communities at once, and made a platform for those who actually do the service, to exchange experiences and best practices with each other.

Purpose & Vision

We believe that European Service Learning Days (ESL) are FD in its purest form. This event is separated from the formal business at the EDM, solely focusing on service and helping communities grow. We want to broaden our communications and see this way to be a part of that.


This event is mainly for our members in service, actually doing the service, to learn, for training and sharing experiences in areas such as H&I, PR, Building Strong Homegroups and other areas, according to requested needs.

Needless to say this event is for every member, who wants to attend this service event. But if regions are to send participants, we rather see that it is the coordinators/chairs and members in service committees that are going. We will work on how FD can fund smaller communities, that can´t afford to come, since the main purpose is to do FD-work.


We do not have Pre-Registration. Participants just pay registration on location. If you are planing to attend the European Service Learning Days,  just confirm your attendance via eMail. And be so kind to let us know what kind of workshop you would like to attend, it will help the planing.

The Venue


Hotel Śląsk
53-434 Wroclaw

Standard double room - 45 € (incl. Breakfast)

What will happen?

3 full days, focusing on service and service related workshops. There will also be recovery meeting as well, might be a party/entertainment and there are rumors about a citywalk in beautiful Wrocław (Breslau). Right now we are in the process of working out the program, so if you live in a community with specific needs, please let us know. We are paving the way as we go along, and more will be revealed. More info will be published as the work continues …

It is with excitement we are welcoming you all to Wrocław in April 2017.

In grateful service,
the ESL Host Committee Wrocław
in cooperation with the FD Committee of EDM.