European Delegates Meeting

The EDM meets twice a year: One SUMMER EDM held the same place and date of the ECCNA and one WINTER EDM


“The EDM is a European based forum of multilingual and multi- cultural NA communities inside and outside Europe, whose mission is to further their common welfare and unity, support their growth and help them fulfil their primary purpose of carrying the NA message to the still suffering addict”

The EDM – A Zonal Forum

The EDM is a Non-profit Association. The association was set up to help the body function legally as Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous within Europe. Zonal Forums are designed to improve communication between RSC’s and serve as focal points for fellowship development within these communities.

At the WSC 92 in Dallas, the following motion was approved:
“The World Service Conference affirms that zonal forums, as service-oriented sharing sessions that provide means by which NA communities can communicate, cooperate, and grow with one another, are valuable components of NA. We support the continued work of the zonal forums that exist today worldwide and encourage any further efforts NA communities may take to support one another”.

Although in this motion the WSC recognizes the existence and value of forums such as the EDM, it nonetheless does not imply nor give any formal or official role/place to zonal forums within the NA service structure.

At this point in time, however, as a result of the world services inventory process, it is foreseeable that this scenario might be subject to substantial changes in the near future. In 1995 in the Resolution Group report, namely in chapter 3 concerning “Structural Resolutions for the NA Service Structure”, a new structure is proposed based on “Geographic Divisions (who) will send representatives to make up the new World Service Conference”.

15 Zonal Forums

There are 15 Zonal Forums throughout the world. Zonal Forums provide an opportunity for World Service and World Board to better understand needs and challenges of NA communities.

European Delegates Meeting
Number of meetings: 3121
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APF – Asia Pacific Forum
Number of meetings: 21 209
(Map/PNG, 297 kB)

LAZF – Latin America Zonal Forum
Number of meetings: 5177
(Map/PNG, 313 kB)

Brazil Zonal Forum
Number of meetings: 4179
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15 Zonal Forums Overview – Update April 2018
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Regions Around the World 2018

Websites Zonal Forums: contact

Russian Zonal Forum
Number of meetings: 1230
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Afri-Can Zonal Forum
Number of meetings: 399
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Canadian Assembly
Number of meetings: 1251
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8 Zonal Forums in US
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Autonomy Zone
Meetings: 2515

Midwest Zone
Meetings: 3450

North East Zonal Forum
Meetings: 4412

Plains States Zonal Forum
Meetings: 1297

Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum
Meetings: 723

Southeast Zonal Forum
Meetings: 4599

Southern Zonal Forum
Meetings: 3613

Western States Zonal Forum
Meetings: 6645

EDM Legal Association

The European Delegates meeting made a decision in February 2005 to apply to become an International non-profit association. The association was set up to help the body function legally as Zonal Forum of Narcotics Anonymous within Europe.

The role of the EDMNA association is to carry out the running of the International non- profit association on behalf of the European Delegates meeting under Belgium Law. Within the bylaws, specific sections state the function of the European Delegates Meeting, and the procedures its directors must follow as an association.

WSO-Europe Office

The EDM does not have a service office as such. Our legal association is based in Brussels and our address is the same as WSO-Europe. The one part time staff person who works for WSO there has kindly assisted us with all our needs for the legal association. WSO-Europe also serves all our communities with literature.