The Conference

The EDM meets for 4 days twice a year:

  • One “Summer Meeting” held at the host town and around the same date of the ECCNA.
  • One “Winter Meeting” held at a location agreed on by the body that is presented by a community.


Regional Delegates:
Delegates are the voice of the individual communities. They carry the experience of their communities to the EDM, share challenges and solutions with other delegates. They also report on events such as conventions, developments, and the growth of fellowships within their zone. In turn they carry the experience back to other communities. They are elected by individual NA communities. Currently 29 regions participating at the EDM:

Adriatic Region (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia), Belgium, Bulgaria, Czecho-Slovak Region (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, German-Speaking Region (Germany, Austria), Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, UK.

Steering Committee:
We have an admin body we call the Steering Committee (Chair, Vice- Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) who facilitates our meetings and keeps track of matters that occur in between our summer and winter meeting. (Vice-Treasurer and Vice-Secretary are not part of the Steering Committee and not attending the EDM conference)

Fellowship Development Committee:
We have one “sub-committee” that is made up of a chair, vice chair and all the delegates in the body, called Fellowship Development which is doing the work of the EDM (see Fellowship Development)

EDM Media Coordinator:
The media coordinator is responsible for the realization of our website and is responsible for the visible presentation of the EDM in general as well, as we have recognized the increasing need for public awareness in order to reach the goals and vision we have for the European Delegates Meeting in the future.

EDM Guests:
During our meetings we have the chance to ask questions, share experience with the NAWS members attending and give input to current NAWS projects.  Delegates of other Zonal Forums are welcome as well.


The EDM is conducted in English, so when possible communities should select delegates who speak English. As most participants are not native English speaking (our participants speak about 30 different native languages), we try to speak slowly and clearly, avoiding any colloquial terms. Any participants can ask for clarification at any time during the EDM.

Funding Principles

Ideally, all EDM communities will be able to attend all EDM meetings. In practice, we may not always have the resources for this to be possible. This means that communities who are funded to attend the EDM may only receive funding to attend one EDM each year. For further information please contact the Steering Committee.

When appropriate, priority will be given to funding FD activity over funding attendance to the EDM.

Hosting Winter EDM

The Winter EDM bidding process is open to proposals from community’s who attend the EDM who would like to hold the winter meeting. Bids are to be presented in writing within the deadline set by the body.

The Bid should be presented in writing, containing the following information (overview):

  • Dates available to hold the meeting from the end of January to the middle of March.
  • Accommodation – A hotel in the city that can house the delegates.
  • Meeting room space that is either in the hotel proposed or walking distance from the hotel.
  • The meeting space requirements are to seat up to 60 delegates in a boardroom style set up.
  • Access to host town (Plane, train, car)
  • Information on visa requirements and costs
  • Reasons why the Area/Region wants to host the Winter EDM.

For further information please contact your regional delegate.
In our EDM Orientation Pack you can find our complete guidelines for hosting Winter EDM.