What We Do

Community Reports

At the conference each community report on developments, events, service issues, and problems. Based on Questions & Answers, we sharing challenges and solutions with other delegates. We share what works for us and ask for help when we need it.

Fellowship Development Report

The Fellowship Development Committee provides a report of all FD activities from the last cycle and facilitates requested workshops for the local fellowship at each conference.
– Task Team Reports
– FD Workgroup Reports
– Report from ZOOM Online Workshops & Service Meetings
– Presenting the latest issue of the EDM NEWS (Newsletter)

At each conference NAWS provides EDM delegates with the latest NAWS Report and is available for questions and answers regards there services.


Each conference provides EDM delegates and the local fellowship with requested workshops, facilitated by FDC and/or NAWS e.g.:

– Building Strong Homegroups
– Facilitating A Recovery Meeting
– Atmosphere of Recovery in Service
– Sponsorship Behind The Walls (Prison Sponsorship)
– NA Services in Rural Areas

See also Download Center


We have workgroups about arising topics that work on solutions and present them to the body so we can make decisions or decide to do something new. They primarily meet online cam2cam in-between conferences. Delegates nominate themselves for attending these workgroups.


Each workgroup presents their outcome in a report at the conference f.e.:
– Upgrading ECCNA Guidelines
– Young Addicts in Recovery Project
– European Service Learningdays (ESL)
– Presentation for upcoming World Service Conference (WSC)
– Public Relations workgroup


Nominations will be made by EDM delegates or by nominees themselves whenever a position is up for rotation, either at the summer or winter EDM. All candidates will send a service CV to the Steering Committee by the first morning of the EDM. Attendance is not essential for nominees.
You will find the ResumeTemplate in our Download Center.

Consensus Based Decision Making (CBDM)

A Different Way of Making Decisions

When representatives from the different communities in Europe first attend the EDM, they are very often surprised by the way decisions are made there. A consensus system is used in the (great) majority of cases, with qualified majority decisions made only as a last resort.We always try to make our decisions by consensus, meaning that we try to come to an agreement rather than a majority decision.

“NA service is a team effort. Our Service representatives are responsible to the NA fellowship as a whole rather than any special constituency; so are all other trusted servants on the team. The full participation of each member is of great value as we seek to express the collective conscience of the whole”. (12 Concepts of NA Service, p. 16)

Consensus Process  (PDF, 6580 kB)
Handout (PDF, 4400 kB)
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