What is a Zonal Forum?

The EDM is one of the 14 Zonal Forums (see About page). Zonal Forums are designed to improve communication between RSC’s and serve as focal points for fellowship development within these communities. They are not decision-making entities. Zonal forums provide an important opportunity for World Services and the World Board to interact with newer and growing NA communities to better understand their needs and challenges. 
The EDM as a Zonal forum actively participate in “Fellowship Development”, esp. in the remote parts of NA communities in Eastern Europe, so they have grown significantly through the work of this Zonal Forum.

Can any NA member visit the EDM?

Any member can visit the EDM, but not any member can participate.  Just Delegates, and Alternates elected by individual NA communities, regardless of level of local service structure, can participate (Attendance, right to speak, take part in Consensus process and vote). 
Sub-Committees, invited members from World Services and Zonal Forums can attend but only speak upon request from the floor. 
All other people attending are not allowed to participate. This can be deviated from with the discretion of the chairperson and the delegates if a situation occurs that give new information. 

How do you deal with the different languages?

The EDM is conducted in English, so when possible communities select delegates who speak English. All participants are reminded that some members may be self-translating or using translation, so they should speak slowly and clearly, avoiding any colloquial terms. Any delegate can ask for clarification at any time during the EDM. 

Who can be elected for EDM service positions?

Any NA member. We suggest a nomination from your region.

How does EDM finance their Services?

Our money comes from regional donations and surplus from the annual ECCNA (European Conference and Convention).

What are the EDM activities in-between the conferences?

As we have not enough time to deal with all issues which are coming up during a conference, we create Workgroups, Fellowship Development Task Teams, and we meet on Skype in-between conferences, to improve or develop projects. Delegates nominate themselves for attending this workgroups. Task Teams are created based on needs by the Fellowship Development Committee. Each Workgroup and Task Team present their outcome in a report at the conference.

What is the purpose of the World Service Office?

The World Service Office (WSO), our main service center, handles the production of all approved literature, provides resources for projects approved by the WSC and also provides limited services to the fellowship as a whole. The office also administers the legal responsibilities of the fellowship with respect to copyrights, intellectual property and accounting, and by maintaining the archives and files of Narcotics Anonymous. 

The main World Service Office is based in Chatsworth, California. Their are also offices in Brussel (Europe) and in Teheran (Iran). All offices are run by paid special workers. WSO also runs distribution centers in Ontario (Canada) and Bangladore (India).

World Service Office Chatsworth, California.

What is the World Board? And what do they do?

The purpose of the World Board (WB) of Narcotics Anonymous World Services, is to contribute to the continuation and growth of Narcotics Anonymous. The Board serves as a primary resource for the NA Fellowship by providing the support needed to carry our message while ensuring that the service and support provided are of the highest quality possible. The World Board manages all activities of World Services including oversight of the operations of the Fellowship’s primary service center, the World Service Office. 

There are 18 seats for World Board members, of which are 16 filled. World Board members get elected at the World Service Conference by seated regional delegates. The term is 6 years, by the possibility to get reelected for one more term.

What is the World Service Conference?

The final part of our service structure is the World Service Conference (WSC). Our conference is the one time and place where all of our world services come together. Unlike all other service bodies of NA service, the conference is not an entity, it is an event—the coming together. Every two years, regional delegates, the members of the World Board, and the executive director of the World Service Office meet to discuss questions of significance to the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous as a whole. The purpose of the World Service Conference is to be supportive of the Fellowship as a whole and to define and take action according to the group conscience of Narcotics Anonymous.  

The WSC through the World Board is responsible for the NA World Service Office located in the Chatsworth, neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States. 

World Service Conference 2014