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EDM Conference Documents:

Mission Statement (DOCX, 136 kB)
A Vision for NA Service (PDF, 224 kB)
EDM Orientation Pack (PDF, 492 kB)
Fellowship Development Guidelines, (PDF, 43 kB)

Community Report Template (DOC, 35 kB)
Resume Template (DOCX, 21 kB)
Travel Receipts (XLSX, 35 kB)


EDM NEWS Issue 8
July 2018 (PDF, 3900 KB)
EDM NEWS Issue 7
February 2018 (PDF, 4690 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 6
August 2017 (PDF, 3300 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 5
December 2016 (PDF, 5000 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 4
September 2016 (PDF, 4510 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 3
March 2016 (PDF, 4500 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 2
December 2016 (PDF, 2600 kB)
EDM NEWS Issue 1
October 2015 (PDF, 2000 kB)


APF Newsletter
Sept. 2018, (PDF, 1200 kB)

EDM Brochure

EDM Broschure
(PDF, 840 kB)

EDM Webpage  for Translation

Dropbox link to the Power Point
(PPT, 5390 kB)

TRANZIT Forum Presentation

Tranzit Forum Presentation
(PDF, 6280 kB)

EDM Workshops & Material

NA PR Presentation
(PDF, 12900 kB)

Consensus Process (PDF, 6580 kB)
Handout (PDF, 4400 kB)
Open Power Point with Fonts

Atmosphere of Recovery in Service (Update)

12 Concepts  incl. Questions
(PDF, 2470 kB)

Social Media Pamphlet updated
(PDF, 5400 kB)

Building Strong Homegroups
(PDF, 11000)

Facilitating A Recovery Meeting
Keeping an Atmosphere of Recovery at NA Meetings.
(PDF, 10000 kB)

Sponsorship Behind The Walls
(PDF, 6000 kB)
Sponsorship via Mail Letter Writing for Inmates.

Fellowship Development
Task Team Guidelines

(PDF, 3250 kB)

Setting Up A Legal Entity
(PDF, 870 kB)
Experience from the Polish Region.

Suggested Ground Rules/Brainstorming Guidelines (PDF, 65 kB)

NA World Service Documents:

NAWS Update,  July 2018
(PDF, 6037 kB)

H&I Packet (PDF, 1300 kB)

PI PR Workshop (PDF, 1260 kB)
Session Profile (PDF, 132 kB)
Handout PR PI Goals (PDF, 108 kB)
Handout Tradition Scenarios (PDF, 84 kB)

Planning Basics (PDF, 6007 kB)

PR Basics (PDF, 4545 kB)

Welcoming All Members (PPTX, 682 kB)
Session Profile (PDF, 543 kB)
Handout (PDF, 76 kB)

Planing our Services (PPTX, 833 kB)
Session Profile (PDF, 68 kB)

Group Support Workshop (PPTX, 338 kB)
Session Profile (PDF, 116 kB)
Handout (PDF, 91 kB)

External Link: CAR – Conference Agenda Report
External Link: CAR – Videos WSC 2014 (Board Motions, SSP Motions, Regional Motions)
External Link: SSP – Service System Proposal

NA World Service Bulletins:

Bulletin  3: H&I Meetings in Methadone Clinics
Bulletin  5: Men working with Men Women working with Women
Bulletin 13: Relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous
Bulletin 15: Open and Closed Meetings
Bulletin 17: What is Addiction?
Bulletin 18: Special Interest Meetings
Bulletin 19: Gender-Specific Language and use of the word God

External Link: All World Service Bulletins

Other Documents:

Current Version
External Link: NA Way Magazine


Current Version
External Link: NA News

Current Version
External Link: Reaching Out