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Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit, international, community-based organization for recovering addicts, which is active in over 132 countries with more than 67,000 meetings each week. Narcotics Anonymous is the world’s oldest and largest organization of its kind. NA members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction in their lives.

Narcotics Anonymous is well established in Northern America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, Western Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India and Iran.

Newly formed groups and NA communities are developing in Africa, East Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Narcotics Anonymous books and information pamphlets are currently available in 46 languages.


  • Anyone who wants to stop using drugs.
  • Not limited to any particular drugs.
  • Members make an individual decision to join and recover at their own pace.


  • Without fear of legal or social repercussions.
  • Members introduce themselves just with their first name.
  • Narcotics Anonymous does not provide membership lists.
    Narcotics Anonymous does not provide membership lists.

Spiritual Approach

  • Narcotics Anonymous is not a religious organization.
  • Narcotics Anonymous does not mandate any particular belief system.
  • It does teach spiritual principles that may be applied in everyday life.

Following some guidelines and working closely with other members, addicts learn to stop using drugs and face the challenges of daily living.

NA Recovery Meetings

  • Meetings held regularly at the same time and place each week, usually in a public facility.
  • Only first names are used, and attendance is kept private within the meeting.
  • Meetings are free to attend – money is accepted by voluntary donation only.
  • Participants share personal experience. Focus on solutions, not just the problem.
  • Meetings celebrate clean time to encourage each other to stay clean.


  • More experienced members work individually with newer members by sharing their experience. 
  • Primarily, a so called “Sponsor” serves as a guide through the 12 Steps of Recovery.
  • Any NA member is free to choose any other member as a sponsor.

Step Working

  • The core of NA Program is “Twelve Steps”.
  • It does teach spiritual principles that may be applied in everyday life.
  • It does teach spiritual principles that may be applied in everyday life
  • “The NA Step Working Guide” contains guides to working the twelve steps toward recovery. 

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