Fellowship Development

FD enables regions inside the Zone to reach common standards by offering the necessary tools.


“Fellowship Development enables NA communities to work towards being fully self-supporting and functional within NA as a whole.”

Our Goal:

“FD should enable all the regions inside the Zone to reach common standards by offering the necessary tools.”

FD – The Heart of the EDM

Fellowship Development has become one of the central activities of EDM, offering support to emerging NA communities to help them build their service structures and deal with local issues.  We have one “sub-committee” called Fellowship Development Committee (FDC) which is doing the work of the EDM; to strengthen groups, new communities and mature communities in our geographical surroundings.

We do this in a number of ways depending on the circumstances and resources required. We do this always in cooperation with NAWS who are responsible for FD world wide.

The FD Committee

The Fellowship Development Committee (FDC) is a stand-alone committee, has its own budget and is accountable to the EDM.

FDC  hold workshops at EDM meetings for the delegates on topics relevant to FD. In addition to its own workshops and collaborates with EDM and NAWS in the facilitation of workshops that are requested by communities as well.

FDC plan FD activities and coordinates the Task Team (TT) work by suggesting candidates for FD trips, based on the Human Resource Pool (HRP) and the Task Team Guidelines.

FDC facilitates Online Workshops & Service Meetings in between conference cycles to support regional service committees.

FDC has 2 elected members:
FD Chair and FD-Vice Chair. Members of the EDM Human Ressource Pool can be chosen to assist and support FDC to put together a Task Team and to support the FD Learning Days.

Human Ressource Pool (HRP):
The EDM Human Ressource Pool is made of current and former Regional Delegates and Trusted Servants (up to 2 years after they stepped down from EDM) who have declared themselves to be available to assist and support EDM, primarily the FDC.  HRP members can be chosen for FD Task Teams, Learning Days and Workgroups.

FD Funding

All the EDM communities are eligible to request FD funding. Communities requesting funding for FD visits are required to go through an assessment process, conducted by the FD Committee, before a decision will be made on funding.

For further information please contact the Fellowship Development Committee: fdc@edmna.org

FD Committee History

We started Fellowship Development
Outreach to Poland: Using geographically close members (Berlin) for a travel team and cheap transportation.

At the Winter EDM in Krakow the formation of an EDM Fellowship Development Committee was proposed, to replace the Hospitals & Institutions and Public Information sub-committees.

At the Winter EDM in Malta, the EDM embarked on a new way of doing FD, by creating 6 Tasks as an experiment. We choose delegates who are close to the requested FD and they form a Task Team (TT) with a budget (Point Person/Budget Person). Delegates become a proactive part of EDM and FD.

At the Winter EDM in Porto, a workgroup presented a bid for “European Service Learning Days” (ESL) in Berlin, hosted by the EDM.

The first “European Service Learning Days” (ESL) in Berlin.

Creating of the EDM Human Ressource Pool (HRP).