Learning Days

Fifth European Learning Days
Berlin may 19-21 2023


We believe that European Service Learning Days (ESL) are FD in its purest form. This event is
separated from the formal business at the EDM, solely focusing on service and helping
communities grow. We want to broaden our communications and see this way to be a part of that.


This event is for every members interested in service, but primarily for members doing the service,
to learn, for training and sharing experiences. If regions are to send participants, we rather see that
it is the coordinators/chairs and members in service committees that are going. We emphasize
regions/areas to fund there servants by themselves. The language of ESL is English. Participants
from regions are asked to send English speaking members, or have at least one member on board
who is able to translate for the others, if needed.

STAY TUNED work in progress..

More than be revealed

Eventlink: https://www.edmna.org/event/fifth-european-learning-days/


ESL Guidelines