Past FD’s

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List of Fellowship Development Activities / Task Teams

Hungary (Budapest): 
PI Workshops, Sponsorship, Step Work

Latvia (Riga): 
Atmosphere of Recovery in Service, Building Strong Homegroups
PI Workshops, Sponsorship, Step Work
Workshops at Regional Convention
Ukraine (Kiev): 
Workshop on starting H&I in prisons, court order cards

Adriatic Region (Montenegro): Workshops on service, concepts, welcoming all members, Q&A sessions
Estonia: Preparation to become an EDM member
Bulgaria: Bulgarian members attending Greece Convention
Czech-Slovak: Workshops in Prague
Bulgaria: FD Follow Up H&I and PI Workshop Sponsorship Workshop
Turkey: Workshops at the Convention
Iceland Traditions Webinar: 12 sessions, Traditions Speakers / Q&A, Group Discussions

Poland: H&I workshop + Q&A session
Lithuania: Workshop on unity and anonymity, presentation of EDM and some NA history, Q&A session
Spain: H&I workshop – meetings in prison
Moldova: Workshop on the Twelve Concepts for NA Service, presentation of the Consensus Based Decision Making
Online Workshop: USA, Kenya, Israel, Bulgaria, Moldova, Swiss, Germany, Ukraine.

Czech-Slovak: UK PI presentation in a psychatric hospital in Pezinok .
Montenegro: Various workshops.
Moldova: A 4 day 12 Traditions Workshop Q&A, Sponsorship, Service Structure, History of NA, H&I and hot line studies.
Iceland/UK: RSC chair & vice from Iceland  visit RSC in the UK.
Poland/Bratislava: Workshops held in Poland and two held in Bratislava.
Holland/UK: Holland RD to go to UK for NAWS Service Structure Workshop to take back to Holland.
Moldova: Learning requested H&I and PI: The attractiveness of (a) service and (b) step work. The 12 traditions of NA. The relation with the other group (the one related to AA).

Poland: For people from Czech & Slovakia to attend Polish Service Convention to take part in workshops.
Ukraine: Workshops on the history of NA, Service System Proposals, making service attractive, relationship between NA/AA and creating unity in the fellowship.
Rotterdam: TT set up and to complete a workshop for the Dutch fellowship. Exlplaining how the EDM works, why it is helpful to be part of the EDM and what they can and to the EDM.
Belgium: Follow up to the Belgium Unity Day. Building bridges with the the French language for translations.
Moscow: TT set up to bring members from Czech-Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldavia to attend Summer EDM. The intention is so they can attend various workshops to assist them in building their service systems.
Bulgaria: TT set up to look at what is needed and get them to attend Winter EDM 2013.
Malta/UK: The TT will send members from the Maltese Fellowship to a Regional Committee Meeting in the UK. 

The Belgium fellowship organized a “Unity Day” with the participation of French and Dutch members. FDC only helped with experience.
Poland: A team travelled to the Polish Convention to facilitate concept workshops and share service experience.
Finland: Members from Finland to facilitate to Swedish Service Conference to gain experience.
Iceland: The TT invited two members from Finland to facilitate workshops about translation.
Italy: The TT brought one member from UK to facilitate workshops at the Italian  Service Conference.
Czech: Poland acts as the sponsor of the Czech Fellowship. Members from Czech travelled to Polish service conference.
Latvia: The TT invited two members from Russia to facilitate workshops at the Latvian Convention.
NArkoslavia: Follow-up to the activity in Trogir. The team organized a series of outreach activity. They also organized a Learning Day and invited members from UK to “Train the Trainer”.

Rotterdam: EDM / NAWS, FD Workshops & Presentation
Istanbul: FD Participation in First Middle East Conference (NAMEC)
NArcoslavia: EDM / NAWS Workshops
Iceland: FD-Workshop

Italy: FD-Workshop
Malta: FD follow-up Workshop

Russia: FD Workshop
Cyprus: NAWS & EDM International Conference on addiction
Lithuania: FD activity, PI, H&I, and Service Workshops
Budapest: NAWS and EDM FD Committee, an International Workshop with participants from surrounding countries.

The Netherlands: Members from Germany, to help The Netherlands NA Community with PI & H&I Workshops.
Turkey: 2 Members (one EDM, one NAWS) to attend ECAD in Istanbul in May with possibility for FD follow-up and Workshops.
Sweden/Murmansk: Member from Norway to Service Workshop in Pitea.
Malta: Member from Germany to the first Malta Convention. Workshops and PI Presentation.
Hungary: FD Workshops at Hungary Convention in May in Pecs.
Denmark: Members from Sweden attending Copenhagen Convention and offering Workshops.

Poland: FD Workshops at Polish Convention in Krakow.
Greece: FD workshops in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Turkey: 2 days FD Workshops at Convention in Istanbul.
Bulgaria: Members from Greece to travel to Bulgaria for outreach activity.

Lithuania: FD Workshops
Western Russia: Workshops at EDM in Russia.
Ukraine: FD workshops
Egypt: 6th Arabic Conference on Substance Abuse and FD workshops

Poland: FD trip to Poland / follow-up.

Poland: FD trip to Poland in November.
Western Russia: FD trip to St. Petersburg in November 2002 PI chair.
Egypt: One representative from Euro PI & H&I to do FD trip to Egypt.

(Turkey: follow-up)
Israel: Euro PI vice coordinator to attend PI workshop in Israel.
Greece: SC member to attend Greek convention.
France: Member from French Speaking Swiss community to attend the Paris Convention to discuss points brought up by the French Region.

Turkey: FD trip to help create service structure.

Poland: Travel team to Poland to Regional event, using geographically close members for travel team and cheap transportation.

Oslo: Two members funded to Oslo for Euro PI Project.

Turkey: Participation of PI project at the Third European Aids and Addiction Conference held in Istanbul.