Currently 33 NA regions are participating at the EDM represented by Delegates elected by these regions.

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Adriatic Region

(Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia)

First NA meeting: January 14, 2004
Number of meetings: 25
1 Skype meeting
2 in prison

Service Structure: PI/PR, H&I, LTC, Helplines, Webpage
Cycle of RSC: 12 x year online, 2 x year at Regional Convention

Planned Activities: FD/Outreach, visit woman prison
Events: Summer and Winter Convention, FD workshops

Regional Delegate:
Area Websites (no regional website):


First NA meeting: 1988
Number of meetings: 26
English speaking meetings
French speaking meetings
Farsi speaking meeting
Polish speaking meeting
1 meeting in treatment

Service Structure: PI, H&I
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year

Planned Activities: Unity Day ; Christmas Party; New Year 
Events: Convention

Regional Delegate: (see website)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting:
Number of meetings: 11

Service Structure: H&I, PR, LTC
Cycle of RSC: 6 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities:

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:

Czecho-Slovak Region

First NA meeting: 1994
Number of meetings: 15

Service Structure: H&I, LTC
Cycle of RSC: 12 x year, 2 x year at Regional events

Planned Activities: Sponsorship Behind the Walls Project, Workshop on Financial Structure
Events: Convention, ESL 2019

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website: (Czecho)  (Slovak)


First NA meeting: 18 September 1990
Number of meetings: 120
English speaking meeting
Farsi speaking meeting
Men meeting
Women meeting
13 H&I meetings (in prison, treatment and detox centers, asylum centers, psychiatric centers)

National Helpline, Literature Committee, LTC, Website, PI, H&I, Service Office, Region Meeting
Cycle of RSC: 4 times a year, 3 days

Planned Activities: National Service Conference, EDM workshops within conventions, PI workshops within conventions and PI training days, service ad hoc teams (informing NA members about service).
Events: 4 area conventions, 2 unity days, living clean camp.

Regional Delegate:
Alternate Delegate:
Public Relations:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: September 24, 1989 (Cairo)
Number of meetings: 194
20 in detox units

Service Structure: PI, H&I, FD, Helpline, LTC, Literature Committee
Cycle of RSC: 24 x year

Planned Activities:
Events: Convention, Summer Retreat

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate: (alternate)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting:
Number of meetings: 26 meetings
20 in detox units

Service Structure: PR, H&I, Literature Committee, LTC, Helplines
Cycle of RSC:

Planned Activities: Seminar on working the steps

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First meeting 1988
146 groups
216 meetings per week
7 Swedish speaking meetings
2 Russian speaking meetings
4 English speaking meetings
1 Farsi speaking meetings
1 Finnish speaking meeting abroad
1 men´s meeting
5 women’s meetings
1 meeting for young addicts
3 gay-friendly meeting
1 bring-your-child-meeting
20 on-line meetings
19 Facility meetings

Service Structure: 6 areas
Regional PR Coordinator (PI/HI)
Regional Web & Phone line committee,
Regional Literature committee,
Regional Translations committee
Annual Regional Service Conference work group
Regional Committee members
Finland 35 years convention committee
Cycle of RSC: 6 x year (5 RSC business meetings and Annual Regional Service Conference Business meeting)

Planned Activities: PR learning days and Annual Regional Service Conference

Events: Regional 35 year Convention, multiple seasonal events (new year, may day, summer etc…)

Regional Delegate:
Alternate Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: January 1983
Number of meetings: 171, 10 online meeting.

Service Structure: ASC, Outreach, Events, PI, H&I, Helpline, Literature, National Conention, Internet, LTC, Young Addicts, Merchandising
Cycle of RSC: ? x year

Planned Activities:
Events: National Area Service Convention 

Regional Delegate: Julien

Regional Delegate: Rani r
Regional Website:

German-Speaking Region

First NA meeting: 1978 (Frankfurt a.M.)
Number of meetings: 305

Service Structure: PI, H&I, Internet Committee, Media Representative, NA Office Committee
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities:
Image film for PR, TV, Cinema, Social Media
Standardized Website for the region and the areas
Revise the Convention Guidelines for the Regional Convention
Revise the Regional Service Committee Guidelines
We want to broadcast the Viral and the Image film on TV and on Social Media Literature Workgroup Workshops in the missing areas
Events: Convention of German speaking Region, Convention of 40 Years NA in Frankfurt

Regional Delegate:
Regional Alt


First NA meeting: Athens 1987
Number of meetings: 142
In-person meetings: 109
English Speaking meeting
Farsi speaking meeting
Outdoor meetings: 8
Virtual meetings: 25
In prison, detox unit, treatment
Meeting also in Corfu, Crete, Mytilene, Rhodes

Service Structure: PR, H&I, Literature, Helpline, Website, LTC, FD
Cycle of RSC: Twice a month

Planned Activities: PI Subcommittee Inventory, H&I working on get Access into a New Institution
Events: Conventions, Fundraising, Workshops

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate: (alternate)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1996
Number of meetings: 37
in detox units: 1

Service Structure: PI, H&I, LTC, Helpline
Cycle of RSC: 4 x year

Planned Activities: Workshops
Events: Conventions in different areas

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: November 30, 1982
Number of meetings: 8
6 in treatment

Service Structure: PI, H&I, LTC, Helpline, Outreach
Cycle of RSC: 6 x year

Planned Activities: Weekend service learning days, Workshops
Events: Convention, Annual Service Conference, Annual Recovery Conference

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:

Iran R1

Number of meetings: 2208

Service Structure: PI, H&I, Office, Website & Magazine

Regional Website:


First NA meeting: October 7, 1979 (Dublin)
Number of meetings: 212

Service Structure: PI,  H&I, Literature, Service Office, Web servant, Convention Committee and Executive Committee
Cycle of RSC:

Planned Activities: CAR Workshops
Events: Regional Convention, Areas Conventions

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate (alternate):
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1984 (Tel Aviv)
Number of meetings: 262
6 in Russian
10 in English
1 in Arab
2 Special Interest Groups: Women, Gays
40 meetings in prisons

Service Structure: Regional Steering Committee. Regional sub committees: Public Information, Translation, Hospitals and Institutions, Convention, Literature & NA products, Office, Fellowship Development, regional service assembly
Cycle of RSC: 12 x year

Planned Activities: Fundraising, Workshops 
Events: Convention, Regional service assembly

Regional Delegate:
Regional Email:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1980
Number of meetings: 160
Online meetings: 40
40 in treatment
6 in prisons

Service Structure: Literature, LTC, Web and social media, PI/PR, Convention subcommittee,
Journal, FD, help line 24/7
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year

Planned Activities: Regional Service Conference, Workshops
Events: Regional Convention

Regional Delegate:

Regional Delegate Alt:

Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 2000
Number of meetings F2F: 20
Number of meetings online: 5

Service Structure: RSC, H&I , LTC, PI, Events 
Cycle of RSC: 12 x year

Planned Activities: Workshops, Hiring Professional Translator
Events: Baltic Convention, H&I Day 

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1998
Number of meetings: 67
1 in treatment
3 in prisons

Service Structure: PI, H&I
Cycle of RSC: 4 x year

Planned Activities: Workshops

Regional Delegate: (see website)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting:
Number of meetings: 11
in treatment
in detox units
in prisons

Service Structure: PI, H&I, National Helpline
Cycle of RSC:

Planned Activities:
Events: Convention

Regional Delegate: (see website)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 2000
Number of meetings: 7

Service Structure: H&I, Helpline, My Home Pharmacy, PI, Website
Cycle of RSC: 12 x year

Planned Activities: Workshops
Events: Convention

Regional Delegate: (see website)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: August 15, 1988
Number of meetings: 370
of which:
15 women
5 men
12 youth
12 mamas and papas
14 English
56 Bilingual (NED/ENG)
5 Farsi
1 Polish
2 Russian

Service Structure:
Region has eight Areas.
Regional subcommittees: Regional subcommittees include a PR-committee (FD, H&I, PI/PR, Webteam), an LTC, and a few event committees. (RA/RC/Youth Convention).

Recent Activities:

  • National helpline +31(0)85 4000 996
  • Regional Convention NLCNA2023, Rotterdam
  • New website

Planned Activities:

  • Membership Survey (2023)
  • Youth Convention (2024)
  • European Convention ECCNA40 (2025)

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1983
Number of meetings: 107
H&I: 1 meeting in prison every 14 days
Area North: 18 meetings (12 Face to face 6 Online)
Area Middle: 8 (7 Face to face 1 Hybrid)
Area West: 18 meetings
Area South: 8 meetings
Area East 2: 14 meetings
Area East: 41 meetings (37 Face to face 4 online)

Service Structure: PI, H&I, LTC, FD, Web, National Helpline
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year

Planned Activities:  Area Conventions
Events: Regional Convention, Area Conventions, Ski&Recovery

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate: (alternate)
Regional Website:

Polish Speaking Region

First NA meeting: March 23, 1988 (Olsztyn)
Number of meetings: 175

Service Structure: Public Information, Legal Entity, Events, Literature Sales, Literature Translations, IT, ECCNA-Host Committee
Cycle of RSC: 2 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities: Media campaign using radio and tv spot, PI presentation before ECCNA34, supporting PI activities during music festival, Launching national helpline
Events: Groups Assembly, Unity Days Camping, ECCNA34 in Kracow

Regional Delegate:
Alt Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1986 (Lisbon)
Number of meetings: 144
4 Skype meetings
11 meetings in prisons

Service Structure: PR, H&I, LTC, FD, National Helpline, Legal Association
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities: Support Groups inMadeira Island, Azores Island, Angola and Cabo Verde
Events: Regional Convention, Area Conventions, The Regional Service Meeting

Regional Delegate:
Alternate RD:
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 2012
Number of meetings: 3
1 Skype meeting

Service Structure: National Helpline
Cycle of RSC:

Planned Activities: National Meeting

Regional Website:

Russian Speaking Tranzit

Russian speaking online area & Russian speaking face-to face meeting outside of Russia

29 virtual meetings holding 137 meetings per week132 face-to-face groups held 262 meetings located in Europe (mostly) and all over the world, per weekTranzit as a service structure was created with the approval of the Baltic NA Convention in Tallinn in 2014.The Tranzit mission was formed at the same time.“To make recovery in the Russian language available for any addict, regardless of location”As of February 2023 Tranzit Structure is:VSC (Virtual Service) CommitteeINFO CommitteeFD CommitteeEVENT CommitteePR CommitteeSteering Committee

For more information please see the review:

Contact: delegate@na-tranzit.orgRegional Website: Russian currently)


First NA meeting: July 22, 1984 (Barcelona)
Number of meetings: 235
6 in prisons

Service Structure: Literature, Phone line, Webcommittee, Magazine, Public Relations, H&I, FD
Cycle of RSC: 2 x year, regional Skype meetings in between

Planned Activities: Creating a Pamphlet with Regional NA Survey
Events: Regional Convention, Area Conventions

Regional Delegate:
Alternate RD:  
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: January 17, 1987 (Stockholm)
Number of meetings: 421
1 online meeting
Service Structure: PI, Web, Phoneline
Cycle of RSC: 3 x year (one is the annual Service Conference)

Planned Activities: Local speakerdays and summer activities
Events: Convention

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate: (alternate)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1989
Number of meetings: 60
32 German speaking
18 French speaking
4 English speaking
2 Italian speaking
1 Farsi speaking
3 Womens  meeting
1 Mens meeting
1 Young people meeting

1 Skype meeting

Service Structure: RSNA Board, PR Committee, Web Committee, CSNA Convention Committee, H&I-Committees in several bigger Swiss cities
Cycle of RSC: 2 x year

Planned Activities: Reorganisation Service Structure
Events: Regional Convention, Area Convention

Regional Delegate:


Regional Website:


First NA meeting: October 6, 1993 (Istanbul)
Number of meetings: 36
6 Farsi Speaking
5 Online Meetings

Service Structure: PI, H&I, LTC, Literature Delivery Team, Web Servant
Cycle of RSC: 4 x year

Planned Activities: Annual Regional Convention 
Events: Annual Regional Convention
Passed Activites: Completed transition from Area into Region in 2019.
Organized two “service learning days”. (One in September, the other in December 2019)
Hosted the Winter 2020 EDM

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate: (alternate)
Regional Website:


First NA meeting: 1991
Number of meetings: 269

Service Structure: FD, PI, H&I, LTC, Literature Committee, Regional Convention Committee
Cycle of RSC: 2 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities: H&I and PI/PR Assembly, RSC meeting, FD events in different Ukrainian Areas
Events: Second Ukrainian Convention

Regional Delegate:
Regional Delegate:
Regional Website:

United Kingdom

First NA meeting: August 5, 1980 (London)
Number of meetings: 1142
140 in treatment centers
20 in detox units
13 in young offender institutions/secure units
240 in prisons

Service Structure: H&I, PI/PR, FD, Helpline/Website, United Kingdom Service Office, UK Convention NA 
Cycle of RSC: 6 x year, 2 days

Planned Activities: Regional Convention
Events: Regional Convention

Regional Delegate:
Regional Website: